F-2000S/D - Versatile Super Slicer / Dicer

Dimensions: W850×L1050×H1380 (mm)
Electric Motor: Three-phase 380V 1500W+750W with inverter
(Japan specification) / Custom-made available
Weight: 150kg
Operating Time: Continuous use
Processing capacity: 110~400kg/hour
Exterior: SUS304 stainless steel
Safety Device: Circuit breaks by sensor detection


***Cutting size reference:

Slicing: 0.3 ~ 10mm

Julienne: 0.7 ~ 10mm

Dicing:1.2 ~ 10mm

***Adaptable size there might be different by foodstuffs. Please contact us for more information

***Since ordering needs times, please contact us if you are interested.

***Please contact us for the price.