DM-91D - Julienne Robo

$ 20,500

Dimensions: W470×L300×H430 (mm)
Insertion Slot: W100×L100×H120 (mm)
Electricity Power: 220V/200W 60Hz
Weight: 13kg
Operating Time: 30 mins
Processing Capacity: Using 3×3mm julienne board
                                      Cut burdock 30pcs/5mins
                                      Cut Japanese radishes 6pcs/5mins
                                      Cut carrots 40pcs/5mins


***Options (Choose One):

Slice board: 0.3-2.5mm
Slice board: 3.0mm,4.0mm
Julienne board: 1.0×1.0mm,1.2×1.2mm,1.5×1.5mm,2.0×2.0mm,2.5×2.5mm,
Custom-made julienne board also available. Thickness up to 4.0mm, width for any size.
For example: Rectangle cut board 4×10mm
It is required to change the julienne board also when changing the cutting size.

***Since ordering needs times, please contact us if you are interested.